SHOCKING: German National killed his Filipina wife so he could go on a s*x tour in Thailand!

A German National chose to kill his wife for him to be able to go on a s*x holiday in Pattaya Thailand. This man admitted killing his wife so he cold be with the woman[…]

Duterte Said That God Talked To Him On The Plane: ‘I Promised God Not to Express Slang, Cuss Words’

Last Thursday, President Duterte said that God talked to him and made a promise that he will stop cussing while delivering his speeches. “I was looking at the skies as I was coming over here.[…]

Celebrities Were Asked If They Can Do What Agot Isidro Did, Know Their Answers Here!

Agot Isidro’s controversial Facebook posts and slurs against President Rodrigo Duterte went viral on social media, and even got her a response from the Malacanan Palace. She called the President a “psychopath” and suggested that[…]

Cherie Gil Gets Pissed Off With Reporter And Walks Away From Interview, Why? Watch This!

Cherie Gil is one of the best Filipina actresses we have today. One would get the impression that she is snobbish,  but she shows the opposite of that in real life especially during interviews with[…]

VIRAL: Daniel Padilla does a DEMONIC hand gesture? Is he an illuminati? READ THIS!

The annual Star Magic Ball event is one of the most awaited events in the showbiz industry. They tend to wait and see what their favorite celebrities would wear and who’d be their date.  Now,[…]

Chinese Man Feels Woman’s Breast To Determine Her Future! Bizarre Fortune Telling!

Normally, fortune-tellers would use tarot cards, palm-readings and astrology to determine one’s future. However, a viral video circulating around the internet shows an extraordinary fortune-teller who does something completely different. In this video, reportedly taken[…]

MUST SEE: Man Started Hitting A Woman Relentlessly and Was Caught on Video! This is Horrifying!

Domestic violence cases towards women have more than tripled over the last two decades, including women who are minors and elders.  The government recognizes Violence Against Women or VAW as a “pervasive social problem” and[…]

Mga Testigong Hindi Tumulong Sa Napatay Na Adamson Student, Hinahanap Na Ng Awtoridad

MAYNILA, Pilipinas – Hindi lang ang dalawang suspek kundi ang ilang testigo rin na nabigong saklolohan ang 18-anyos na estudyante ng Adamson University ang may pananagutan umano sa batas, ito ay ayon sa isang opisyal[…]

HEARTBREAKING: An art teacher left a tear-jerking message for her loved ones after she lost her battle with cancer.

A woman named Jesselyn Ng already has it all, beautiful face, loving family, wonderful job, and her dreams! However, all of these have shattered into million pieces after she was diagnosed with cancer at the[…]

SHOCKING: A Priest Arrested After A 5-Year-Old Girl Drew Sketches Of How He Raped Her

A priest in Brazil had been arrested because of sexual assault. But what made it a lot worse is that the victim was a 5-year-old girl! The priest is identified as the 54-year-old Father Joao[…]

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