Pinoy Pervert Caught Trying To Do The Unthinkable While Hanging On To The Back Of A Jeepney

An alarming video has made rounds on Facebook featuring a man doing perverted things in a passenger jeepney.  The video showed how the woman seemed to be oblivious of the circumstances of the man’s dirty[…]

Over 100 Filipinos In America Were Scammed By Cargo Companies!

Sansu International, Inc. and RDR Cargo are being blamed for scamming Filipinos in America looking to send home ‘Balikbayan’ boxes to their relatives and loved ones. Tess Madamba, a Filipina caregiver from Queens, New York,[…]

Carla Abellana’s New And Expensive iPhone Breaks! Why? Read This!

While many are still dreaming about the release of the newest iPhone, Kapuso Star Carla Abellana already broke hers. After just 5 days of using the new and expensive smartphone, her phone screen already cracked.[…]

Girl Humiliated And Broke Up With Her Boyrfriend After Finding Out That He Was ‘Too Poor’

It’s already pretty sad spending Valentine’s Day alone. What’s even sadder is your loved one leaving you a day before Valentine’s and humiliating you in front of your family. This man from China was unfortunately[…]

A policeman gained criticisms after he did THIS to the teens who were playing basketball!

In just one click, a normal individual could instantly be seen in different parts of our country thru the use of social media. Now, a video of a policeman is circulating online that’s been garnering[…]

Take A Look At Chinese Woman Who Underwent Intense Plastic Surgery And Now Claims She Is ‘Beautiful’

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and a Chinese citizen named “Abby” has definitely proven this. Her images and videos have circulated the online community making her a viral topic. However Abby’s unnatural[…]

A Mother And Her Daughter Was Caught on CCTV Beating Up A Riding-In-Tandem Snatcher! Watch The Footage Here!

A CCTV footage in Sta. Mesa, Manila showed a mother alongside her daughter beat up a riding-in-tandem snatcher that lead to the arrest of the suspect. In the video, the riding-in-tandem took the nurse’s phone[…]

Here’s What Kapuso Creative Head Said To Kris Aquino’s Career: ‘SANA MAY PLACE SIYA SA CNN’

After President Rodrigo Duterte failed to make an appearance on the anticipated one-on-one interview with Kris Aquino for her TV comeback, the actress/host herself is now pondering over her career path by airing her sentiment[…]

Move Over Carrot Man and Badjao Girl! Netizens Shared The Inspiring Story Of ‘Medal Girl’ And It Goes Viral

Inspiring stories are everywhere. You just need to go out and find them.  Just like the story of this young girl who is dubbed as “medal girl” because of her achievements in school. Many are[…]

WATCH : Mariel Finally Gives Birth To A Pretty Baby Girl! Let’s Welcome Baby Isabella!

After two tragic miscarriages, Mariel Rodriguez is finally going to give birth to her daughter with Robin Padilla on Monday in the United States. Padilla posted a video on Instagram talking to Mariel, giving the[…]

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