ROAD RAGE! Two men pretending to be police officials poked a gun at a driver! MUST WATCH

Watch this video of another road rage! A motorist driving a Red Honda Wave Dash with a plate number QC81435 who pretends to be a police beat up and poked a gun at a truck[…]

VIRAL: Entertainer about to do lap dance but his girlfriend came. Hilarity follows!

A video of a man in a nightclub having a lap dance went viral online and caught the attention of many netizens. A sexy dancer was up on stage and the man excitedly climbed up,[…]

Bella Padilla’s real attitude was caught on cam! This is insane!

A lot of people are wondering how celebrities act behind the cameras and in front of their fans. One of the celebrities whom they’re most curious about is Bella Padilla. Most of them see Bella[…]

WATCH! A Ghost was caught on Camera at theme park! Really Shocking

A young female passed with facial burns due to a failure of the ride we can obviously see that there is a 4th woman ridding with them that then vanishes a few moments later! .[…]

Woman posts a video online searching for the man who escaped after they had one-night stand with her

A beautiful woman is looking for the man who spent the night with her but eventually escaped afterwards.  The footage of a woman has been making the rounds on social media threatening that she will[…]

PNP Chief Bato owned the verbal argument he had with against Senator De Lima! MUST WATCH!

In line with the on-going feud between Senator De Lima and President Duterte, the PNP Chief Ronald Bato Dela Rosa also got into an argument with the former Justice secretary. PNP Chief Bato dominated his[…]

Include this herbs on your daily meal to heal slowly prostate and ovarian cancer.

Ginger is comely popular ascribable to its potent anti-cancer effects. It contains respective active compounds, such as gingerols, paradols, and shagaols, which avails to fight against cancer. They also conceive that the anti-cancer properties of[…]

Woman caught this phone inside her Husband’s car, What she revealed surely destructed her whole life

The most treasured person that you will gather in your life is your partner. They are the ones who will be expenditure  the rest of their sprightlinesses with you. But there are no man and wife[…]

Viral! Duterte announces De Lima has a new boyfriend, claims she was on sc*ndal video.

President Rodrigo Duterte moved up his personal attacks on Senator Leila De Lima  on Wednesday, claiming that she has a new boyfriend. Last Sunday On a press conference held in Kamuning Bakery Cafe on Saturday,[…]

How did Martin Nievera treat KZ Tandingan after X-Factor Philippines? Unbelievable!

Before she had a huge name in the showbiz industry, KZ Tandingan once started as a competitor of The X-Factor Philippines. She showcased her incredible talent in the show and that was the reason why[…]

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