No One Wanted To Go To Prom With This Teen Suffering From Down Syndrome But Something Unexpected Happened!

Home coming dance is something every teen looks forward to, but without a date it can turn into a lonely and depressing event. 
Daniel Rivas, a 17-year-old boy with Down Syndrome studying at Shadow Ridge High School, wanted to have a magical night at homecoming. Unfortunately, he was turned down by all the girls he asked out. 
That’s when 10th grader Kylie Fronius stepped in to save the day. She decided that Daniel should be given the same opportunity as any teenager, without his disorder being a hindrance.
“I don’t think of kids that have a disability… I don’t think of them as being different,” Kylie said. “I hope I can make his night fun.”
Tonya, Daniel’s mom, was astounded by what Kylie did and was thankful for her incredible gesture.
“It’s not about that Daniel has a disability. It’s Kylie didn’t see any disability. That is what your heart wants as a mom.” Tonya said.
FOX5 Surprise Squad visited Kylie and Daniel to make sure they had a night to remember. They provided the kids with a Rolls Royce and a red carpet entrance fit for a celebrity. 
Daniel could not resist breaking down in tears of joy because of the heart-warming gesture.

Source: TNP, Fox5vegas
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