MUST WATCH: This Little Girl Missing Her OFW Mother Sang A Heart-wrenching Song! It Will Definitely Bring You To Tears!

OFWs sacrifice so much for their families. Due to the lack of jobs in the country, some people are forced to work abroad just to make ends meet. The hardest part is being away from their loved ones for prolonged periods of time. 
OFWs are considered modern day heroes due to their enormous contribution to our countryโ€™s economic growth. 
Thankfully, modern technology makes it easy to keep in touch with family and friends that are far. The power of instantaneous connectivity over the Internet is truly a blessing for OFWs.
This little girl went viral on Facebook because of her exceptional singing voice! Through the song, the little girl expressed the hardships of being away from her mother. 
The video went viral, touching the hearts of many netizens, especially OFWs. 

Source: TNP, Kami
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